Marica Kolega Zagreb, Republic of Croatia mezzosoprano


The academy musician who earned her bachelor's degree in Vocal Performance at The Voice Department of Zagreb Music Academy, University of Zagreb, in the class of the prof. Mira Zidarić-Orešković, in June 2006.

The young mezzo-soprano Marica Kolega's traits are a particularly voluminous talent underlining a unique voice, rich, in a low pitch, and of the chromatic shadings allowing for a wide range of vocal expression and as such especially suitable for a number of the mezzo-soprano roles, and musci pieces composed for alto. Among the students of the Voice Department of Zagreb Music Academy there have been none in the last fiften years with the voice of such quality as Marica Kolega's voice.

Particularly voluminous talent

The personality of distinctive emotional intelligence woven into the texture of the creations that have been formed gradually, by selecting th appropriate literature, adequate to her professional education degree and vocal technique development in the course of the years at Vocal Performance course.

Unique voice, rich, in a low pitch, and of the chromatic shadings
Particularly voluminous talent

Miss Marica Kolega had gradually and carefully first developed the awareness of her personal capacities and, in the final year of the studies, liberated fully the enery of her talent and harnessed it in an array of the great vocal and vocal–stage performances of the selected repertoire, which she had practiced and then performed at her graduation concert. The personality of refined balance of the rational-analytical approach wrapped into emotions reflected in the entire range of the selected compositions on the repertoire that she performed at the concert stage and at the scene of Zagreb Croatian national Theatre, guarantee a great upward course in the area of vocal and vocal–stage performace art. Marica Kolega is fully prepared and ready for it in the balance of her self-awareness and acquired professional knowledge as foundation for the approach to the creative work and living.

I consider it worth mentioning that Miss Marica Kolega's entire knowledge, attitude towards work and style in the approach to each artistic assignment where she will be allowed to nourish her talents, knowledge and creativity.

I congratulate in advance anyone who has the motivation and good opportunities to offer an engagement to Miss Marica Kolega.

Prof. Slobodan Elezovic, D. Sc

Music Academy / Dramaturgy Department / Gundulićeva 6
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